Dijtham has so many products in its assortment that we have subdivided them in various departments. On our website, you will find the following sections: Paint, Décor & Frames, Power Tools, Garden Tools, Swimming pools, Hand tools, Garden furniture, Fencing & Gates, Garden vitamins, Clinkers & Outdoor tiles, Plant department & Nursery, Technical, Cleaning products, Irrigation, Miscellaneous and finally Projects.

Each section gives you an overview of the dealers Dijtham works with. Although we work with numerous partners, we believe in strong partnerships with our dealers and a two-way relation. This way our staff can acquire an extensive knowledge on the products they are selling in their own department. We believe that is the only possible option to ensure the best customer service possible and that our clients will not be disappointed with the articles they bought, once they head home and use them.

Naturally, it can always happen that you are looking for a specific product and cannot seem to find it in our store. This does not mean we do not have it in our assortment, so do not hesitate to ask one of our personnel about it. It could very well be that it is on stock in one of our other stores or maybe we need to order it specifically for you or we can offer an alternative. Our products do not stop at our shelf, we boast ourselves to go above and beyond to meet your needs.