Dijtham Tips

Maybe you want to embellish your house, garden or furniture through a little creative do-it-yourself tactics. Dijtham has created a section on its website dedicated to that kind of projects. DIY does not have to rhyme with manly tools, loads of dust, warm overalls and lots of noise. It can also be in the smaller things but with great result.

The first example is decorative painting. Maybe you just want to add a little personal touch of decoration to a room in your house. The time where this was only done in kids rooms has long gone. Why not make a statement in your living room or kitchen. Of course this can be done with stickers but decorative painting is often more subtle and there are much more options and possibilities available. Dijtham has prepared a step-by-step explanation on decorative painting giving you all the information needed to have a gorgeous end-result.

Another example is the making of a planter for your garden or balcony. In the tropics, not all plants can grow in the wild and it is certainly not easy to have nice flower beds or specific herbs and foods growing in the garden. Therefore a planter is the ideal solution as you can make it upon measure and fill it with the exact soil needed for the purpose you have in mind. Take a look on our website for the detailed explanation.

And then last but not least, giving your furniture a new life through a new coat of painting. The secret for a beautiful and long-lasting result lies in the sanding and smoothing of the surfaces you wish to paint. If that is done carefully, half of your work is already finished. And again here, Dijtham has compiled a step by step plan for you.

Do you have another idea and need tips on how to do it? Please ask our staff, they will do their utmost to advise you on how to proceed. And who knows, your idea might become an inspiration for a new step by step explanation on our website.